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Tech for Mafi Yingor

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Great to connect. My name is Daisy Mina Antwi: I am a Ghanaian communication specialist and the founder and curator for Goldcoast Literacy Program (GLP) which is a nonprofit that is into children's literacy advocacy in Ghana. GLP is hoping for an illiteracy-free world where we wish to have every child in Ghana learn how to read and have fun doing it. We, therefore, go the extra mile to provide the basic tools and resources to help children in a society free themselves of illiteracy. Since its founding in 2017, my nonprofit has been focusing on children's literacy, scholarship schemes, teenage mother birthing, building and refurbishing libraries, child-to-a-book projects, outreaches, and other forms of advocacy. We are on a mission to make education fun, accessible and sustainable for children in slums and rural Ghana. For our next outreach, we are responding to an appeal by the people of Mafi Yingor in the Volta region to give them an Information Communication Technology lab. they have provided GLP with land and we are on a mission to build an ultra-modern ICT lab that would serve eight {8} communities when completed. This project would be the first of a kind in Mafi and its environs.  Over the last few decades, the world has revolved and technology has played a major role. Yet children in slums and rural communities are left out of this revolution. Children in these communities haven’t seen a computer before except when they come to town, are shown a cardboard replica, or see them on phone but would still write the end-of-year exams with children from the cities with most of them failing woefully. Those who make it are also teased and mocked at their next level of education sometimes even by teachers who baffle about how far back they are academically. Everyone forgets that these children lack the amenities and resources to excel academically and might not even have a happy childhood. This project would make technology studies fun and attractive for these children. The completion of this project in Mafi would stir the interest of the children in education. The bright-colored walls of the lab would encourage the children to take the bold steps of entering and learning something that would transform their lives forever. It would increase attendants by students as they can easily research their home works. the score for end-of-year exams would see a drastic change. The project would also benefit the communities as the center would provide information on agriculture and off-farm livelihoods, deliver public service and disseminate educational and health knowledge.  Goldcoast Literacy Program has always been an influencer in the field of education. Making it fun, accessible, and sustainable for children in slums and rural areas. We are so determined to change the educational narrative that we write a personalized message in each textbook, novel, and storybook before we give it out. Something to connect to, something to make the child go back to the book again. We are determined to see lives impacted and transformational results achieved. The project is budgeted for 365,000.00 cedis including building from scratch the lab, a library, projection room, conference room, coding room, and washroom. It also covers painting and doodling of the building. Help me change education by gifting smiles. There's a lot we do here at the nonprofit and I would be honored to have you on board this project.  Feel free to reach out for any info. Positively hoping to hear from you in the affirmative.   Learn a little about my work in this link:  Our social media handles are  for our Instagram  and for our Facebook